If You’re Not Generating Leads & Passive Income Online, You’re Wasting Time on ActiveRain & Trulia

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While most Real Estate Agents spend countless hours writing posts & comments on ActiveRain & Trulia, a handful of “smart” Realtors are generating hundreds of leads per day as well as multiple streams of income online on their OWN websites, while doing only a fraction of the work.

As a Professional Online Marketer & Real Estate Agent, I have successful launched marketing systems that generate me multiple listings a week as well as multiple thousands of dollars in passive income.

And I almost never use ActiveRain & Trulia.

Do you know why? Because ActiveRain & Trulia, while they do provide some exposure for real estate professionals, are ultimately websites that are geared to generate the company profits, not the Realtor. In fact, every time you write a post or comment, you are probably bringing much more benefit to the company then yourself, because it is through your efforts that companies like ActiveRain & Trulia gain “brand equity” or “value.” Eventually, after enough value is built, these kind of companies will then charge Realtors “membership” fees as well as fees for advertising, making even more money off of the very people that make up the fabric of their business!

Furthermore, websites like Active & Trulia are nothing more than, well, websites. Think about it. What if you created your OWN custom website that brought on even a quarter of the traffic that these sites generate? You would make a fortune.

Yet most Realtors, when creating their own websites, end of doing it the wrong way. The average Realtor’s website typically have:

1. A bunch of old listings

2. Way too much information on too many topics

3. Over-marketing their Brokerage Company (ie. Keller Williams, John L Scott)

4. Useless tools (ie. mortgage calculators)

These kind of websites are prehistoric, outdated and a grand waste of space. Most importantly, they don’t generate leads, nor do they generate passive income.

Let me tell you this: There is another way to do a website that can quite possibly turn any Realtor into a Real Estate Superstar that generates hundreds of leads per day, multiple listings a week and thousands of dollars of passive income online.

It’s called a Short Sale Blog.

Many of you know that short sales make up a large portion (perhaps a majority) of our inventory. While this has caused many Realtors to fail, the emergence of short sales has allowed others to experience incredible success in this down economy.

The key to success with short sales is to:

1. Have an online marketing system that generates leads & passive income on affiliate services (ie. loan modifications, credit repair, debt settlement, etc).

2. Have a powerful team of negotiators ready to close all of your short sales.

I had to create all of this from scratch, but once I began perfecting my system, I began seeing checks of multiple thousands of dollars on loan modifications, credit repair, debt settlement etc. (even when I did NONE of the work) as well as LARGE commission checks from multiple short sale closings.

And now, this system is available TO YOU. » Read more: If You’re Not Generating Leads & Passive Income Online, You’re Wasting Time on ActiveRain & Trulia

Realtor Door Hangers – How Teenagers and Doorknobs Can Get You Leads

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If you live in a suburban neighborhood, you’re familiar with those little paper door hangers that get left on your front doorknob about a special at Pizza Hut or a deal on windows from a window manufacturer. You need to be like Pizza Hut! Well, not exactly but you do need “Realtor Door Hangers”.

They can be annoying (at least they are to me unless it’s pizza) but it’s a numbers game like every other marketing weapon. A certain number of people will need/want that particular service and they’ll respond to the ad/door hanger.

The best thing about “Realtor Door Hangers” is that you can target the neighborhood you want. If you specialize in “Glendale“, for example, and you specify that on your marketing piece (Realtor Door Hanger), you’ll be targeting your audience as much as you possibly can. Marketing is all about getting a targeted list of prospects and you can do that with door hangers. It makes even more sense as a Realtor or agent because you specialize in a certain geographic area, of course.

By the way, you might be terrified to walk up to someone’s house and put a “Realtor Door Hanger” on the knob. It’s ok. An alternative is to hire your teenager or a college kid to do it for you. Pay them per hanger and save yourself the agony. Or you could offer them a referral fee for any deal you close as a result of the door hangers they hand out. That’ll really kick them in the pants to put those puppies on every doorknob they can find. Plus, it’ll force you to track your marketing, which is a necessity.

Of course, the upside to doing it yourself is that you’ll get to know the neighborhood better and you’ll probably strike up some conversations with folks who either come to the door or are outside. It’s all about building relationships and this is a great way to do it.

One word of caution though: be discriminating about which neighborhoods you hang these “Realtor Door Hangers” in. If the area is not so good, skip it. It’s not worth getting shot or mugged.

Plus, if you’re trying to get listings, you want homes that’ll potentially sell quickly; not the crack house that people won’t walk by. Stick with the nice, suburban areas where your safety isn’t in danger. That way I won’t have to worry about you.

So the first thing you need is an attention grabbing “Realtor Door Hanger”, of course. Check out DoorHangers.com for the most inexpensive and professional looking options. Put some color into it and make it pop and make sure you brush up on your copywriting skills; you’ll need some killer sales copy to pull a high response rate.

Once you have your door hanger printed and in-hand, it’s easy. Just walk around your selected neighborhoods and hang them up. Simple. Again, it’s all a numbers game. The more you hang up, the more traffic you’ll send to your website or phone.

If you really want to increase the success of your door hangers, go back and hang them up once a month or so. Statistically, it takes a consumer 7 times before they become familiar with your brand. Repetition is the key.

Even if your marketing piece stinks, if you get it in front of the consumer enough times, you’ll see results. It’s worth the time and effort to continue hanging these door hangers up month after month, or whatever timeframe you choose. You’ll reap the rewards in the long run, trust me. » Read more: Realtor Door Hangers – How Teenagers and Doorknobs Can Get You Leads